FAQs: Guidelines for Using and Linking to WIDA Materials

Can we post WIDA publications on our website for distribution?

No. We do not want teachers and school districts re-posting WIDA publications (PDFs, PPTs and DOC), unless it is specifically permitted in the publication copyright notice. We do, however, encourage and thank you for links to the WIDA website. WIDA makes its publications available for download at no charge from its website at www.wida.us. We would rather have you link to our website and let people know that our publications are available to download from there. The main concern with reposting WIDA publications is that we often update these files and don't want multiple versions floating around on publicly available sites. We want everybody to use our most current materials. If you do link to the WIDA website, please use the Guidelines for Using and Linking to WIDA Materials. Here are some examples of acceptable links:

Can WIDA materials be adapted for my classroom or school district use?

Yes. WIDA encourages teachers and school districts to adapt WIDA materials to meet your specific classroom and district needs.

Can we share teacher/district adaptations of WIDA materials on the internet for anyone to download and use?

Yes. It is okay to store and publicly display adaptations on open internet sites. However, if you do, we request that you adhere to the following guidelines (or we may ask you to either fix or take down the adaptation). Please note: if you plan on charging a fee for your adaptation, then in addition to following these guidelines you will need a commercial license from our licensing partner WCEPS (additional conditions/charges may apply) prior to selling your adaptation.

Please review pp. 1-2 of the Guidelines for Using and Linking to WIDA Materials before sharing the work you have done to customize or adapt WIDA resources.