FAQs: WIDA Consortium Information

What is the WIDA Consortium?

The WIDA Consortium is a non-profit cooperative group whose purpose is to develop standards and assessments that meet and exceed the goals of No Child Left Behind and promote educational equity for English language learners.

How do states join the WIDA Consortium?

States interested in joining the WIDA Consortium should contact Erin Arango-Escalante, WIDA's Director of Client Relations.

What does WIDA stand for?

WIDA stopped using its acronym definition because it no longer adequately described its mission. WIDA formerly stood for World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment.

Can international schools join the WIDA Consortium?

International schools have the opportunity to join the WIDA International School Consortium (WISC). WISC is a network of international schools that use the WIDA standards and assessments. WISC membership includes access to the W-APT materials, discounted prices on products in the WIDA Store, and online networking with other educators.