Purposeful Lesson Planning for Language Learners

3 PLUs | 2 Days | 35 Participants Maximum*

Delivery Format: Face-to-face

This two day learning opportunity will enhance participants' lesson planning processes. Specifically, participants will focus on creating contexts for meaningful language use within settings that integrate content and academic language learning. Throughout this process, participants will explore elements of the WIDA Standards Framework in depth as they design instruction that promotes students' content learning and language development. This workshop is designed for general classroom teachers and English language specialists who share instructional responsibility for language learners.


Participants will be able to:

  • Explore and connect lesson planning considerations for LLs to your instructional context/materials and discuss ways to implement in your context
  • Discuss ways to create meaningful contexts for language use connected to content concepts and skills.
  • Describe how the components of the WIDA Framework for Language Development Standards can support your lesson planning process.
  • Discuss the influence of sociocultural context and identity on student language learning.
  • Identify the strengths as well as language development and learning needs for groups of students.
  • Identify the academic language demands of teaching and learning in the content areas while considering student needs.
  • Develop language objectives connected to content learning.

Consider scheduling a post–workshop Learning Extension!

*We have found this audience size to be the most effective for facilitator-participant interaction. If you are considering additional participants, this must be discussed and approved with WIDA in advance as it may change the number of facilitators required for the event.

Interested in bringing this workshop to your school or district?

For more information on prices and scheduling, please visit the WCEPS Site or contact pdinfo@wida.us.