Leading Schools for Language Learner Achievement


4 PLUs | 2 Days | 35 Participants Maximum

Workshop Purpose:
Educational leaders are key to improving academic language development and academic achievement for linguistically and culturally diverse children and youth. Leading schools with a focus on language learner achievement means that the entire school community shares a commitment to creating equitable opportunities to learn and for academic language development.  
This workshop will emphasize the importance of cultivating the collaborative relationships between teachers, students, families, and data teams that are necessary for language learners to thrive. The two days will be divided into learning sections related to

  • Creating or enhancing school language policies within current school improvement processes
  • Instructional leadership and responsibilities for developing staff capacity to implement the WIDA Standards framework through integrated content and language instruction
  • Enhancing collaborative structures & relationships in quality language programs of service
  • Maintaining authentic and culturally responsive family partnerships
  • Applying principles of data literacy when making decisions about school structures and programs for language learners.  

At the end of the workshop, school leaders will have created leadership action steps for enhancing their school improvement plan and processes related to the achievement and well-being of language learners.
Workshop Participation:
This workshop is for you if you can answer “YES” to the following questions:

  • Are you (at least) partially responsible for crafting school policies and the school improvement plan?
  • Do you have the authority to make decisions related to schedules and program options at the school level?
  • Do you have control over the time and topics that are provided for professional development for teachers at a school level?
  • Do you lead data analysis meetings and (help) decide which data gets analyzed and who participates in the analysis?

It is recommended that school leaders (who answered YES to the questions above) come partnered with a school or district Title III, ESL or bilingual program director.

  • HS Principal, MI:I am feeling better about how to address my very small language learner population.”
  • EL Program Administrator, MN: “I was excited to have three principals attend the WIDA Administrators Academy. They had a positive experience and I was excited to receive email requests from them during the academy looking for ACCESS scores, asking questions about aligning strategies for ELs to support their school improvement goals and questioning how to collaborate more effectively with our cultural liaisons to create partnerships with our multilingual families. I was thrilled that this learning experience gave us a common framework and understanding about ELs and how to strategically meet their needs. I feel confident that we will truly be partners as we present on WIDA concepts and help other administrators understand the importance of quality language instruction for academic success.”
  • Title III Leader, MI:I am eager to make steps towards change at the end of this workshop. The new information will heavily guide our focus as we revamp our middle school program.”

Interested in bringing this workshop to your school or district?

For more information on prices and scheduling, please visit the WCEPS Site or contact pdinfo@wida.us.