Data Analysis Workshop: Focus on Classrooms

2 PLUs | 1 Day | 28 Participants (attending in pairs)*

Delivery Format: Face-to-face

Data Gathering: ACCESS for ELLs is not covered in this workshop. In this workshop, data is defined as student work and other materials related to a particular unit or lesson. ACCESS for ELLs is not included because this workshop is intended to help teachers study data from authentic classroom assessments of student learning as well as data about classroom practices (unit/lesson plan, texts used, etc.).

Each pair of teachers must bring the following to the workshop: At least one unit plan or one lesson plan and related materials from this unit or lesson including student work samples; texts; and classroom based assessment tasks, tools, and student results.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the connection between the WIDA Standards Framework and classroom data
  2. Identify patterns from various data sets (i.e., student work, texts, classroom-based assessments, and other materials from a unit or lesson)
  3. Synthesize key findings from data to plan action within the scope of classroom practices

*We have found this number to be the most effective for facilitator-participant interaction. If you are considering additional participants, this must be discussed and approved with WIDA in advance as it may change the number of facilitators required for the event.

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