Data Analysis Workshop: Focus on Schools and Districts

4 PLUs | 2 Days + WIDA ACCESS Growth Reports* | 35 Participants (attending as teams)

Delivery Format: Face-to-face

Note: States/Districts must have at least two years of ACCESS Data to schedule this workshop.

Participants will be introduced to a data analysis process and will apply this process to a particular set of data. This workshop is designed for teams looking to gain a more in depth understanding of their district- or school-level language data. Participants will have time to analyze data, identify areas of possible strength and need, and develop a plan for further investigation and action.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the connection between the WIDA Standards Framework, the ACCESS for ELLs assessment, and ACCESS for ELLs scores
  • Explain how ACCESS for ELLs scores can be used in data analysis (scale scores, composite scores, domain scores, proficiency level scores)
  • Identify patterns and trends from various data sets (for example, data on curriculum and instruction, demographics, growth trends)
  • Synthesize key findings from data to formulate hypotheses within the scope of school/district practices
  • Create a data-informed plan for change grounded in the WIDA Standards Framework

*WIDA ACCESS Growth Reports for each team's district/school are included in the price of this workshop.

Interested in bringing this workshop to your school or district?

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