Standards IconWorkshops on Standards-Based Instructional Practices

Introduction to the ELD Framework

1 PLU | 30 minute - 2 hour Webinar | Participant Max. varies
2 PLUs | 1 Day | 45 Participants

This interactive workshop provides a foundation for participants who are new to the WIDA ELD Framework.They will engage in hands-on activities that explore academic language to enhance student language learning in the classroom. Learn More

Introducción a los  estándares del desarrollo del lenguaje español (DLE)

2 PLUs | Un día | 40 participantes

Este taller ha sido diseñado para maestros bilingües de Kínder-12, especialistas en el idioma español, administradores y personal de apoyo y les proporciona una orientación sobre la organización y los posibles usos del marco de los estándares DLE.Learn More

Differentiation for Linguistically Diverse Students

1 PLU | 30 minute - 2 hour Webinar | Participant Max. varies
2 PLUs | 1 Day | 45 Participants
3 PLUs | 2 Days | 45 Participants

English language learners need instruction that is differentiated for their diverse proficiency levels. Participants will collaborate on how to customize instruction for ELLs utilizing WIDA tools while taking academic language into consideration..Learn More

Purposeful Lesson Planning for Language Learners

3 PLUs | 2 Days | 35 Participants

This two-day learning opportunity will enhance participants' lesson planning processes. Specifically, participants will focus on creating contexts for meaningful language use within settings that integrate content and academic language learning. Throughout this process, participants will explore elements of the WIDA Standards Framework in depth as they design instruction that promotes students' content learning and language development.Learn More

Learning in Action Extensions


1-2 PLUs | 90 minute - 2 hour Webinar | Participant Max. varies

Some of the ELD Standards Series workshops have extensions of learning to support the implementation of the tenets of the workshop within educators' context.Learn More

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Engaging English Language Learners in Science


4 PLUs | 2 Days | 40 Participants

This interactive two-day workshop offers teachers of English Language Learners time to delve into combining English Language Development Standards and Science Practices. In collaborative groups of educators, we will develop a common understanding of academic language in a science and engineering environment. Learn More

Unit Planning

4 PLUs | 3 Days | 35 Participants

Participants will utilize resources from the WIDA ELD Standards Framework to plan units of instruction which integrate content and language standards. Learn More


3 PLUs | 2 Days | 45 Participants

This workshop provides an overview of collaborative methods and models for planning, instruction, and assessment of ELLs using the WIDA ELD Standards. It is designed for teams, teacher pairs, or instructional coaches.Learn More

Formative Language Assessment


4 PLUs | 2 Days | 35 Participants

This workshop examines research-based formative assessment practices designed to focus students' and teachers' attention on English language development within the context of mainstream classroom instruction. This workshop is currently being revised and will be available in September 2015. Learn More

Facilitator's Retreat for the WIDA English Language Development Framework (formerly known as ToT)

Pricing based on level of workshop | 12-20 Participants

This workshop is provided at three different levels depending on the amount of support provided to participants after the face-to-face workshop. This interactive workshop is based on a student-centered, teacher-focused approach to engage participants in a variety of facilitation techniques that they can replicate for educators of ELLs to better understand academic language development.Learn More

Leading Schools for Language Learner Achievement


4 PLUs | 2 Days | 35 Participants

This two day workshop will be focused on creating systems to support English learners. Specifically, the workshop will emphasize implementation of the WIDA ELD Standards as they are connected to the professional standards for educational leadership.Learn More