Standards IconWorkshops on Standards-Based Instructional Practices

Introduction to the ELD Standards

This interactive workshop provides a foundation for participants who are new to the WIDA ELD Standards.They will engage in hands-on activities that explore academic language to enhance student language learning in the classroom. Learn More

Introducción a los  estándares del desarrollo del lenguaje español (DLE)

Este taller ha sido diseñado para maestros bilingües de Kínder-12, especialistas en el idioma español, administradores y personal de apoyo y les proporciona una orientación sobre la organización y los posibles usos del marco de los estándares DLE.Learn More

ELD Standards in Action: Differentiation

English language learners need instruction that is differentiated for their diverse proficiency levels. Participants will collaborate on how to customize instruction for ELLs utilizing WIDA tools while taking academic language into consideration..Learn More

ELD Standards in Action: Lesson Planning

This workshop provides an in-depth opportunity to apply the ELD Standards to classroom instruction. Participants will explore the purpose and process of transforming the model performance indicators (MPIs) and apply these ideas to their specific educational settings.Learn More

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ELD Standards in Action: Unit Planning

Participants will utilize resources from the WIDA ELD Standards Framework to plan units of instruction which integrate content and language standards. Learn More

ELD Standards in Action: Collaboration

This workshop provides an overview of collaborative methods and models for planning, instruction, and assessment of ELLs using the WIDA ELD Standards. It is designed for teams, teacher pairs, or instructional coaches.Learn More

Formative Language Assessment

Participants will explore academic language formative assessment models, their implementation, and impact on instruction. Learn More

ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports for Instruction

Participants will examine the different types of reports, their connection to the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, and how these reports can serve as a tool to initiate discussion on instruction.Learn More

WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework: Training of Trainers (ToT)

This three day, interactive workshop is based on a student-centered, teacher-focused approach to engage participants in a variety of facilitation techniques that they can replicate for educators of ELLs to better understand academic language development.Learn More