Amy King
Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Amy Suzanne King first discovered her passion for working with English learners as a volunteer literacy tutor in Washington, DC. As a result of this experience, her plan to travel the world as a foreign correspondent was altered forever. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of English teaching and adult learning in this country and abroad.

Her educational experience ranges from private language schools, to adult education to ESL in K-12 public schools. Internationally, she has taught in both Slovakia and South Korea. In Banska Bystrica, she was a visiting lecturer at Mateja Bela University. In Seoul, she taught at Shin-il High School as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and also at the Foreign Language Institute of Yonsei University.

She has worked as both a print and television journalist and was the director of marketing and communications for two high-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Amy holds a BS in Interdepartmental Studies and an MS in Journalism from Northwestern University. She enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, making people laugh, and starting conversations with strangers. She also makes a lot of her own jewelry.

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