Teaching & Learning Staff

photo of Christy Reveles

Christy Reveles, Ed.D.

Director of Teaching & Learning

Phone: 608-261-1169
Email: christy.reveles@wisc.edu
Christy Reveles provides strategic vision and direction for WIDA's Teaching & Learning Department. Prior to her role as Director, Christy served in a consultant capacity to WIDA in the development of instructional coaching programs designed to support teachers as they develop expertise in assessment literacy and implement best practices in their classrooms with English language learners. Read more
Jen Byrns

Jen Aleckson

Assistant Director of Professional Development Programs

Phone: 608-890-1812
Email: jaleckson@wisc.edu

Jen Aleckson
directs Professional Development delivery within the Consortium. She collaborates with state and local education representatives to project and implement short- and long-term PD goals. Other projects include coordinating PD program evaluation studies and WIDA educational outreach partnerships and programs. Read more
Andrea Cammilleri

Andrea Cammilleri

Assistant Director of Educator Resources

Phone: 608-890-1662
Email: acammilleri@wisc.edu

In her role, Andrea Cammilleri has led or participated in the development of many resources for educators of language learners, including English and Spanish language development standards, Can Do Descriptors, Focus Bulletins, videos, online modules, as well as face-to-face learning opportunities. Read more
photo of Justine Kolb

Justine Kolb

Assistant Director of Professional Development Delivery

Phone: 608-262-1571
Email: justine.kolb@wisc.edu
Justine Kolb directs Delivery in professional development for WIDA. She is an experienced professional development specialist in the areas of Second Language Acquisition, Common Core State Standards, and Sheltered Instruction Observational Protocol (SIOP). Read more
photo of Jon Nordmeyer

Jon Nordmeyer

Assistant Director of International Professional Development

Email: jon.nordmeyer@wisc.edu

Jon Nordmeyer directs International professional development initiatives for WIDA. Jon has a great depth of experience in international school settings with a special focus on language development, including teaching EAL for over 20 years in international schools in China, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey.
Lindy Anderson

Lindy Anderson

Media Specialist

Phone: 608-263-4541
Email: lindy.anderson@wisc.edu
Lindy Anderson is a video producer for WIDA, in the organization’s Teaching and Learning Department. Lindy is responsible for developing video content for the WIDA website and WIDA products, with a focus on creating teacher resources and supports for educators of English language learners.
Maria Austin

Maria Austin

eLearning Specialist

Phone: 608-890-4378
Email: maria.austin@wisc.edu
Maria Austin is an eLearning specialist at WIDA, supporting subject matter experts in the design, development, and production of online modules that will provide training on WIDA standards and assessments. She also contributes to the expansion of WIDA's technology infrastructure to promote learning and interaction among language educators as well as innovation in classrooms. Read more
Don Bouchard

Don Bouchard

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Phone: 207-839-4180
Email: dbouchard@wisc.edu
Gorham, ME

Don Bouchard
has 48 years of experience in ESL/EFL teaching, curriculum and administration. Don founded the University of Southern Maine's Master's degree program in Literacy Education and ESL, and has been an ESL professional development specialist for the Portland Public Schools. Read more
Julia Cortada

Julia Cortada

Educator Resource Developer

Phone: 608-890-4918
Julia Cortada helps create WIDA's Focus Bulletin along with various other print and multimedia resources pertaining to the WIDA ELD standards and assessment system. Prior to joining WIDA, she has been a preschool teacher, a kindergarten teacher, an English Language Acquisition specialist, and has combined her love of education and travel by teaching abroad. Read more
photo of Jessica Costa

Jessica Costa, Ph.D.

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Email: jessica.costa@wisc.edu
Jessica Costa's ten years of teaching experience have been devoted to helping students learn and communicate well in a new language. When not creating active and engaging learning environments for her middle school students, she stayed busy teaching adults English in the evening, providing professional development for content teachers on how to integrate the WIDA standards into their instruction, and growing her own professional skills. Read more
photo of Jen Daniels

Jennifer Daniels, Ph.D.

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Phone: 970-424-4091
Email: jen.daniels@wisc.edu
Grand Junction, CO
Jennifer (Jen) Daniels is focused on helping educators strengthen their practices and systems for ELLs through the WIDA ELD Standards, tools, and assessments. Her 23 years of service in education have included teaching high school English in Israel, interning as a principal in a dual immersion elementary school, and teaching graduate classes for in-service teachers on instruction and assessment for ELLs. Read more
photo of Troy Dassler

Troy Dassler

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Phone: 608-262-1612
Email: tmdassler@wisc.edu
Troy Dassler has 17 years of experience in ESL/Bilingual Education. He has done unit and lesson plan development work funded through the National Science Foundation on bringing cutting-edge science to all students in k-12 formal and informal settings. He is also part of the national implementation team for the Next Generation Science Standards. Read more
photo of Jamie DeGracia

Jamie DeGracia

Educator Resource Developer

Phone: 608-890-1020
Email: jamie.degracia@wisc.edu
Jamie DeGracia is an Educator Resource Developer. Her duties include the development of Focus bulletins and content for online training modules used in online teacher training, as well as assisting in the organization-wide deployment of ACCESS 2.0, and facilitating online learning opportunities for educators to collaborate. Read more.
photo of Amy Faust Fraser

Amy Faust Fraser

Professional Development Delivery Specialist

Email: amy.faustfraser@wisc.edu
Chanhassen, MN
Amy Faust Fraser has been both an ESL and classroom teacher. She spent 11 years as a classroom teacher in southern California, where she was trained in SIOP. Amy then returned to Minnesota and has been working as an instructional coach and most recently as RtI Coordinator. Read more
photo of Leslie Grimm

Leslie Grimm

Educator Resource Development Team Lead

Phone: 608-890-4522
Email: leslie.grimm@wisc.edu
Leslie Grimm provides a vision for the creation of educational resources that impact the academic and linguistic advancement of language learners. She leads a dynamic team in the creation of asynchronous professional development resources that bring our WIDA English Language Development Standards and assessments to life in the contexts of consortium members. Read more
photo of Lori Hanna

Lori Hanna

Professional Development Delivery Specialist

Email: lori.hanna@wisc.edu
Osage Beach, MO
Lori Hanna has 15 years of experience in the field of education in both the private and public school systems in Missouri. Teaching in the elementary classroom setting and then as an English language development specialist in grades K-12 has given Lori an understanding of the demands that teachers face in supporting the learning needs of all students. Read more
photo of Paige Joncich

Paige Joncich

Professional Development Delivery Coordinator

Phone: 608-262-1613
Email: paige.joncich@wisc.edu
Paige Joncich organizes Professional Development activities within the Consortium alongside the PD Delivery Manager and PD Programs Coordinator. She collaborates with state and local education representatives to project and implement short and long-term PD goals. Read more
photo of Amy King

Amy King

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Email: amy.king@wisc.edu
Amy Suzanne King first discovered her passion for working with English learners as a volunteer literacy tutor in Washington, DC. As a result of this experience, her plan to travel the world as a foreign correspondent was altered forever. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of English teaching and adult learning in this country and abroad. Read more
photo of Andrea Kreuzer

Andrea Kreuzer

Professional Development Programs Coordinator

Phone: 608-262-8346
Email: amkreuzer@wisc.edu
Andrea Kreuzer coordinates professional development programs within the consortium alongside the PD Programs Manager and PD delivery staff. She works specifically on the LADDER for Language Learners program, the CLIMBS program, and the PD Academies. Read more
photo of Rachel Maske

Rachel Maske

Administrative Specialist

Phone: 608-263-4220
Rachel Maske coordinates and provides administrative support for WIDA activities. This includes planning and organizing WIDA conferences and workshops and completing travel and consultant reimbursements for staff and WIDA partners. Rachel holds a BS degree in General Science from Palmer College of Chiropractic.
photo of Allyson Newton

Allyson Newton

Professional Development Delivery Specialist

Email: allyson.newton@wisc.eduu
Charlotte, NC
Allyson Newton serves as a Professional Development Outreach Specialist for WIDA. In her home state of North Carolina, she taught K-8 ESL, middle school ELA and served as a SIOP instructional coach for a local district. Allyson also previously worked as an ELL Content Delivery Specialist with Pearson North America. Read more
Melissa Paton

Melissa Paton

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Phone: 608-890-3501
Email: mpaton@wisc.edu
Melissa Paton's fifteen years of teaching experience have been devoted to working solely with students with diverse linguistic backgrounds and to helping all teachers build their capacity for developing students' language acquisition. Her focus at WIDA is to bring the WIDA ELD Standards to life in the classroom. She has collaborated on the FLARE Project and is the Professional Certification for Trainers program manager. Read more
photo of Kristina Robertson

Kristina Robertson

Professional Development Outreach Specialist

Email: kristina.robertson@wisc.edu
Apple Valley, MN
Kristina Robertson's dream is to create a system of equity in education for ELLs through quality instruction and increased access to challenging learning opportunities. In joining WIDA, she has found a way to bring her skills and passion to multiple states and help build this dream. She has licenses in K-12 ESL, Reading, and Administration. Read more
photo of Anupama Shekar

Anupama Shekar, Ph.D.

Associate Researcher

Email: shekar@wisc.edu
Dr. Anupama Shekar is an Associate Researcher at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. She is currently working on the Early Years Research & Development Coaching Project. She will be involved in doing literature and research reviews for coaching within contexts of leadership, professional learning communities, families and communities among other areas. Read more
photo of Amanda Spalter

Amanda Spalter

Professional Development Programs Specialist

Phone: 608-890-4378
Amanda Spalter started at WIDA in 2006, primarily focusing on data literacy. She now manages LADDER, a 12-18 month program, which includes work on materials development, implementation, and evaluation. Amanda has delivered ongoing professional development to district coaches and school-based leadership teams to help them use data to improve programming and instruction for ELLs. Learn more
Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor

eLearning Specialist

Phone: 608-890-4377
Email: julie.taylor@wisc.edu
Julie Taylor's focus is on researching, planning, and overseeing film and online development projects. She spent 22 years teaching a variety of grade levels in Special Education with an emphasis on Reading and Language. For the last 12 years, she has been working as an Instructional Designer of eLearning and face-to-face professional development for teachers and the federal government. Read more
photo of Leticia Trower

Leticia Trower

Professional Development Delivery Specialist

Email: leticia.trower@wisc.edu
Fort Mill, SC
Leticia M. Trower has delivered professional development nationwide in the areas of second language learning, mathematics, and the Common Core State Standards. She has also worked as an instructional coach and ESL teacher. She has a B.A. in French from Appalachian State University and a master's degree in linguistics from the University of South Carolina.
Jennifer Wilfrid

Jennifer Wilfrid

Educator Resource Developer

Phone: 608-890-4637
Email: jennifer.wilfrid@wisc.edu
Jennifer Wilfrid's focus at WIDA is to develop and deliver professional development that helps educators and administrators respond to the unique needs of students navigating school across diverse linguistic and cultural contexts. She is currently working on revisions to the CLIMBS program and developing resources for higher education instructors. Read more


photo of Margot Downs

Margot Downs

Senior Professional Development Consultant

Phone: 207-756-9246
Email: mdowns@wisc.edu
Portland, ME
Margot Downs' interest is in using WIDA's comprehensive instruction and assessment system to meet student needs by building strong collaborative relationships between educators of all disciplines. Margot brings to the professional development team 20 years of experience which includes ESL/EFL K-12 teaching, curriculum development, and teacher training. Read more