WIDA Assessment Management System (WIDA AMS)

Q: Is an account required for WIDA AMS?

Yes, users need an account and a password in order to access and perform tasks in WIDA AMS. This is a different user name and password than the personal WIDA user account login.

Q: How do designated users obtain their WIDA AMS accounts and login information?

WIDA AMS accounts will be updated to the current school year, and users will receive an email informing them that their WIDA AMS profile has been updated. If they forgot their password, they can reset it by clicking the link on the log-in screen “Forgot your username or password?”

For educators who do not have an account but require one, please check your state’s ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 checklist for more information on your specific role in WIDA AMS and how to obtain an account.

Q: Can WIDA AMS users assign usernames and passwords or are they auto-assigned?

This information is auto-assigned; however, users can change it once they receive their initial passwords.

Q: Are all students loaded into WIDA AMS?

Yes, all students are loaded into WIDA AMS via a Pre ID file whether they are taking the online test or paper-based test. If students are testing online, Test Coordinators should follow the directions in the training materials to place the students in test sessions.

If a school is administering the paper-based test, the students taking the paper test are loaded into WIDA AMS for testing sites to track their participation and connect to their scores, but students are not entered into test sessions.

Please note that students entered in WIDA AMS may vary by state and will need to be updated with any additional students who enter a school or district after the initial data upload.

Q: My contact information has changed. Do I need to make a new profile?

No. To update any of the information associated with your WIDA AMS account, select your name in the upper right hand corner upon login. This will allow you to edit your email address, name, username, and password.

Q: What if I do not know/remember my username or password?

On the WIDA AMS homepage, underneath the login information section, select Forgot your username or password? You will then be directed to enter relevant information to retrieve or reset your username and/or password.

Q: How can I add a user? What privileges will they have?

You can add a single user by logging in to WIDA AMS and selecting User Management, Add Single User. The available permissions that appear are those that you have associated with your profile. Permissions above your own cannot be added.  Select the applicable permissions, enter the necessary information, and select Save.

You can add multiple users by going to User Management and selecting Upload Multiple Users. The same permissions rules apply; you cannot add permissions above your own.

Q: Will I need to copy over users to the 2016-2017 administration if they were part of the 2015-16 administration?

No. DRC has automatically carried over all users from the previous administration. If there are users who should no longer have access to the current administration, they can be removed in the User Management tab.

Q: How can I add students?

In WIDA AMS, select Student Management in the main menu, then select the Upload Multiple Students tab. Select the administration, district, and school, then browse for the file to upload. Note that the file you use to upload students must meet the exact specifications outlined in the Instructions link above the Administration selection drop down. A file layout and sample file are also available for download on the same page.

Q: How can I update a student’s information?

Go to Student Management, Manage Students. Search for the student. Click View/Edit and change the appropriate information under the Student Details, Accommodations, Demographics, and Testing Code Tabs.

Q: How can I add accommodations for a student?

Go to Student Management, Manage Students. Search for the student. Click View/Edit, go to the Accommodations tab, and select the appropriate accommodations. If the student started to test before the Accommodations were applied, the test ticket may need to be regenerated.

Q: How can I add or remove a student from a test session?

To remove a student from a test session, in WIDA AMS go to Test Management, Manage Test Sessions. Search for the test session the student is currently in, and click View/Edit. Locate the student’s name in the Students in Session box. Highlight the name and click the left arrow to move the student to the Available Students box. Click Save.

To add a student to a test session, in WIDA AMS go to Test Management, Manage Test Sessions. Search for the test session the student is currently in, and click View/Edit. Locate the test session to move the student into and click View/Edit. Type in part of the student’s last name. Click Find Students. Highlight the student and click the right arrow to move the student into the test session.

Note: Once a student has started testing, the student cannot be removed from the test session by the district.

Q: Why are accommodations marked N/A on the student’s test ticket?

Only the three online accommodations appear on the online test ticket: Extended Speaking time (ES), Manual Control of Audio (MA), and Repeat Audio (RA). Other accommodations do not impact online testing and do not appear on the ticket.