Translations of Parent/Guardian Report

Communication with the student's home is important. It is suggested that a letter be sent along with the Parent/Guardian Report in English and the family's native language when possible. This report should accompany (not replace) the official report in English. See pg. 24-30 of the Interpretive Guide for Score Reports (2011) PDF for more information on understanding the Parent/Guardian Report.

The 2011 Parent/Guardian Reports are available in over 30 languages other than English.  If you translate the report to a language that is not provided here, it could be shared on this site for the benefit of many students and families throughout the Consortium. WIDA would appreciate your help! Translations can be sent to

Note: If you have not installed a particular language's font on your computer, the Word file may be translated by your software into Latin characters and a variety of symbols. We have provided the PDF file for those of you who do not have the correct fonts in your word processing program, or you may be able to find free downloads of many fonts on the Internet.

Sample 2011 Parent/Guardian Report in English (PDF or WORD)

Albanian (PDF or WORD)
Amharic (PDF or WORD)
Arabic (PDF or WORD)
Bengali (PDF or WORD)
Bosnian (PDF or WORD)
Burmese (PDF or WORD)
Chinese (Simplified) (PDF or WORD) Note: Some families from mainland China prefer simplified Chinese.
Chinese (Traditional) (PDF or WORD)
Chuukese (PDF or WORD)
Creole (PDF or WORD)
Cyrillic (PDF or WORD)
French (PDF or WORD)
German (PDF or WORD)
Hawaiian (PDF or WORD)
Hindi (PDF or WORD)
Hmong (PDF or WORD)
Ilokano (PDF or WORD)
Japanese (PDF or WORD)
Khmer Krom (Cambodian) (PDF or WORD)
Korean (PDF or WORD)
Lao (PDF)
Malayalam (PDF or WORD)
Mandingo (PDF or WORD)
Marshallese (PDF or WORD)
Nepali (PDF or WORD)
Polish (PDF or WORD)
Portuguese (PDF or WORD)
Punjabi (PDF or WORD)
Russian (PDF or WORD)
Samoan (PDF or WORD)
Serbian (PDF or WORD)
Somali (PDF or WORD)
Spanish (PDF or WORD)
Swahili (PDF or WORD)
Tagalog (PDF or WORD)
Tongan (PDF or WORD)
Ukrainian (PDF or WORD)
Urdu (PDF or WORD)
Vietnamese (PDF or WORD)

Download/Print Parent/Guardian Letters to Accompany Score Reports