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WIDA 2017 Annual Conference


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Proposal Submission and Review Timeline



November 3, 2016

Proposal Submission Opens

December 15, 2016

Proposal Submission, Round One Closes

January 20, 2017

Proposal Submission, Round Two Closes

February 8, 2017

Proposal Review Closes

March 2, 2017

Proposal Notifications Begin

March 16, 2017

Presenter Commitment (to confirm they will present session at conference)

July 1, 2017

Final Corrections (of name, description, etc. for program)

August 1, 2017

Presenter Registration Deadline

September 1, 2017

Presentations Due (documentation, slides, and materials submitted to WIDA for final review)

Primary Presenter and Co-Presenter(s): Each 75-minute presentation must have one person identified as the Primary Presenter. Please review the Primary Presenter Responsibilities before submitting your proposal. (Please note that Co-Presenter(s) will not receive proposal notifications). The maximum number of presenters for a session is three (3).

Primary Presenter Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the primary presenter to ensure that all co-presenters receive any pertinent information regarding the proposal (all notifications will be sent to the email address of the primary presenter only).

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the primary presenter to:

  • Ensure that all presenters on their proposal are registered for the conference.
    If all proposal presenters (including co-presenters) are not registered by August 1, 2017, the presentation will be cancelled.
  • Notify conference organizers of changes to co-presenters.
  • Provide copies of handouts (if needed) at the presenter's expense.
  • Provide the PowerPoint presentation to the organizers.
  • Ensure that all presenter information, session title, and abstract are correct for the Conference Program by July 1, 2017.

Conference Registration:
All conference presenters (primary and up to two co-presenters) will be offered a special presenter rate and must be registered for the conference by August 1, 2017. If any proposal presenters (including co-presenters) are not registered by August 1, 2017, the presentation will be cancelled.

Lodging and Travel: All accepted presenters are responsible for their own lodging and travel. WIDA will neither arrange nor provide funding for presenter lodging and travel.

Audio Visual Equipment: Presenters are responsible for bringing their own computers. All presentation rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector, AV cart, screen, wireless handheld microphone, flip chart, markers and electrical cables at no cost. Presenters will be responsible for the costs and arrangements for any additional equipment needed for their session(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long are session presentations?
A. Each session is 75-minutes long. You can divide your presentation however you like, but please be aware that if you want to have a Q&A period, that is also within your 75-minute presentation period.

Q. Can I submit multiple proposals?
A. YES! You can submit multiple proposals, however, please be aware that the committee will be selecting sessions for the conference based not only on quality, but on a mix of the subject areas in each strand.

Q. My proposal is focused on bilingualism and/or biculturalism. Which strand should I choose?
A. All of our strands are meant to be inclusive of bilingual/bicultural programming, as well as programming with an English-only focus.

Q. How are the proposals reviewed?
A. We share this rubric (PDF) with our reviewers to help with a consistent scoring for proposals submitted.

Q. If my proposal is accepted, how many people can I expect in my session?
A. Depending on interest and demand, sessions could hold anywhere from 50 people to 200 people. We anticipate the average attendance to be around 125 people.

Q. What is the room setup for the sessions?
A. All 75-minute sessions will be set up in theater-style, with no tables. Due to space constraints, we will not be able to accommodate any requests for another type of room setup.