Why Choose WIDA?

WIDA is Mission Driven

  • WIDA is a mission-driven, state university-based organization.  Our mission:  To advance academic language development and academic achievement for children and youth who are culturally and linguistically diverse through high quality standards, assessments, research, and professional learning for educators.

WIDA Provides a Cohesive Academic Language Development System

  • WIDA offers not just an ELL assessment, but a fully integrated, theoretically sound, research-based, comprehensive system, connected to learning standards, and supported by professional learning
  • The WIDA integrated system provides for shared understanding among administrators, ELL teachers, general education teachers, parents and students
  • WIDA not only supports educators and their language learners, but also helps member states meet their state and federal Title I and Title III requirements
  • The WIDA Consortium includes 39 member states

WIDA has the resources you need

  • WIDA offers support for member states with dedicated specialist teams in ELL assessment, research and policy, professional learning, and client relations
  • WIDA provides technical assistance to member states to determine alignment, growth and program exit criteria
  • WIDA offers over 280 professional learning workshops per year to support states and their educators, in addition to a wide variety of online learning opportunities
    • WIDA professional learning builds state educators’ capacity to provide integrated content and language learning for ELLs
  • WIDA employs more than 15 PhDs/EdDs – nationally known experts in the field who are always pushing language development research forward
  • WIDA provides a robust library of resources available 24/7 via www.wida.us
    • Online learning modules
    • Instructional planning supports such as WIDA Can Do Descriptors
    • Key topic focus bulletins
    • Lesson Planning share space
    • Research articles and publications
  • WIDA has a Client Services Center staffed with 10 experts to answer any questions you have via phone or email (phone lines staffed 8 am – 5 pm, 5 days/week; extended hours March – Nov: 7 am – 7 pm)
  • WIDA member states receive membership product discounts in the WIDA store

WIDA connects

  • WIDA Annual Conference
    • Major event that brings together more than 200 thought leaders in the field, and draws more than 1600 attendees who benefit from 3 days of professional learning, idea sharing, relationship building, and strategic collaboration
  • WIDA membership allows for greater collaboration among member states
  • Annual member meeting and regular outreach throughout the year

WIDA is part of University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Part of UW Madison
    • 10th best public college (US News and World Report)
    • Ranked one of the top colleges in the US by Forbes
    • Ranked 24th in Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • Part of UW School of Education
    • Ranked #1 School of Education among public institutions
    • Ranked #4 School of Education overall
  • Part of WCER (Wisconsin Center for Education Research)
    • One of the largest education research centers in the country