Benefits of Membership

The WIDA Consortium is a non-profit cooperative group whose purpose is to develop standards and assessments that meet and exceed the goals of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and promote educational equity for English language learners (ELLs). Through standards, assessments, research, and professional development, WIDA provides meaningful tools and information to educators working with ELLs that are anchored in research-based practices for serving these diverse learners.

WIDA has steadily grown and will always consider extending membership benefits to other interested states. We recommend that you review the entire WIDA website as you gather information about the services and products offered by WIDA. We would particularly suggest the WIDA Mission page as a first step when considering Consortium membership. Some of the most significant and less transparent benefits of WIDA membership are highlighted in this section of the website, divided into the following pages:

Helping States Meet Needs and Fulfill Requirements

States interested in joining the WIDA Consortium can contact Jesse Markow, Director of State Relations & Strategic Development, for more information.

Annual Reports

WIDA Annual reports give a snapshot of Consortium-related activity, including research, assessment, professional development, and financial information.

2014 Annual Report PDF

2013 Annual Report PDF

2012 Annual Report PDF

2011 Annual Report PDF