WIDA Consortium Regions

The WIDA Consortium member states are grouped into four geographic regions. These groups participate in four Regional Calls each year. The schedule and notes from the Regional Calls are posted on the SEA Calendar of Events on the website. Regional groups also have representatives serving on the WIDA Executive Committee.

The WIDA Executive Committee meets biannually in December and June to discuss issues and interests of the entire Board, which they then share with their regions. Executive Committee membership is comprised of two state representatives from each of the regional groups listed below. Members serve two-year terms on a staggered rotation basis on the Executive Committee.

* Current regional representative for the WIDA Executive Committee

** Standing member states always represented on the WIDA Executive Committee

Northeast Region South Region
Subgroup A Subgroup B Subgroup A Subgroup B
Delaware* New Jersey* Alabama Georgia
District of Columbia Pennsylvania Kentucky Virginia
Maine Maryland Tennessee* North Carolina*
New Hampshire Massachusetts US Virgin Islands Florida**
Rhode Island   South Carolina Bureau of Indian Education
Midwest Region West Region
Subgroup A Subgroup B Subgroup A Subgroup B
North Dakota Oklahoma Wyoming Colorado
South Dakota Missouri Alaska New Mexico*
Michigan* Minnesota* Montana* Nevada
Indiana Illinois** Northern Mariana Islands Utah
Wisconsin**   Hawaii Idaho