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How do I gain access to view and/or download W-APT screener materials?

You must contact your Complex Area ELL Resource Teacher to request access to the materials.

How do I set up my account for the ACCESS for ELLs Test Administrator Training Course?

ACCESS for ELLs online test administrator training course enrollment is handled by your Complex Area ELL Resource Teacher. Please contact that individual to request an account.

Am I required to take the test administrator training quizzes to become approved to administer the ACCESS test?

Yes. Log In to take the test administrator training quizzes. You must receive a passing score of 80% on all applicable quizzes and have completed all applicable checklists.

Do I need to retake the training quizzes if I passed them in a previous year?

Yes. You will need to recertify annually to administer the ACCESS for ELLS 2.0.

Testing Specifics Start Date End Date
Test Materials Ordering Available via Pre-ID file (SEA) 11/29/17 11/29/17
SEA Loads Pre-ID File into AMS 11/29/17 11/29/17
WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test Sessions 12/11/17 2/27/18
Districts Receive Test Materials (On) 1/5/18 1/5/18
SEA Loads Pre-ID File into AMS (2nd Upload) 1/10/18 1/10/18
Test Window 1/16/18 2/27/18
Additional Test Material Ordering Window in AMS 1/3/18 2/20/18
Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRC 3/2/18 3/2/18
Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window – Data Files to SEA TBD TBD
Pr-Reporting Data Validation Window – Data Files From SEA TBD TBD
Districts Receive Reports – Printed and Online (On) TBD TBD
Post-Reporting Data Validation Window – Data Files to SEA TBD TBD
Post-Reporting Data Validation Window – Data Files From SEA TBD TBD
Data Available to State TBD TBD

For the 2016-2017 school year, schools who have signed up for the Early Adopter Program will be taking the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs Online this year. If schools have not signed up for the Early Adopter Program, Hawaii's English Language Learners will be taking the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 as a pencil paper Assessment. The Hawaii Department of Education anticipates moving all Hawaii schools to the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Online in the school year 2017-18.

For the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 Online, what mode will grade levels respond to on the Writing Domain, by handwriting or keyboarding?

Hawaii's Kindergarten will be taking a paper based adaptive test.  Grades 1-3 will be responding to the Writing Domain via Paper/Pencil booklets. Those students in schools who are participating via pencil and paper will respond using the handwriting booklets. Grades 4th-12th grade students who are participating in the Early Adopter Program will respond to the Writing Domain online via keyboarding.

Hawaii State Policy regarding implementation of the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 Online or Paper/Pencil will require students to take all 4 Domains.  Schools should complete all domains either online or paper/pencil.  Students in grades 4-12, who are unable to take the Writing Domain online and need to switch to paper/pencil, will need to contact the Assessment Section as this will be approved on a case-by-case basis at (808) 733-4199.  For students who are physically unable to take all four domains due to a disability should refer to the Test Administration Manual, pages 26-27, checklist, and Accessibility and Accommodations Supplement, e.g., P. 16, 20, etc.

What type of training is available for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 and for the three roles of those participating in delivery (Test Administrators, Test Coordinators, and Tech Coordinators)?

All training materials will be available virtually through web-based modules and online resources.  Teachers will need to review the Paper/Pencil or Online related training modules depending on if they are participating in the Early Adopter or participating in the Paper/Pencil.  Login using your personal WIDA login and password.  If you cannot access the secure area to create a personal login, contact your Complex Area ELL Resource Teacher for Pencil and Paper or the Assessment Section for Online.

Please note the following depending on the testing mode, online or paper/pencil.

Online:  ALL TC/ELL Coordinators participating in the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 ELL Online Early Adopter Program, will be trained via in person trainings at scheduled sites in September with follow up trainings in December.

Paper/Pencil:  ALL TC/ELL Coordinators and Test Administrators must pass the appropriate WIDA ACCESS 2.0 Quizzes prior to Test Administration.  Complex Areas may be offering additional training on paper/pencil administration and to develop speaking interrater reliability.

WIDA has developed checklists to provide specific information to support test preparation and administration for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 for school year 2016-2017. These checklists are for the following roles:

  • Technology Coordinator–responsible for all technical and system set up for testing.
  • Test Coordinator–(aka School Test and/or ELL Coordinator) responsible for the overall coordination or test administration and reporting activities.
  • Test Administrator–responsible for administering ACCESS for ELLs 2.0.
  • Complex Area ELL Resource Teachers- (Hawaii only)–responsible to support Paper/Pencil ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 schools.  Responsibility includes ordering of additional materials during the 2016-17 school year test window, as needed (beyond the state ACCESS for ELLs  2.0 test order and overage).

Recorded webinars are available on the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Preparation and Training page as well the registration links to upcoming training webinars. 

Please contact your Complex Area ELL Resource Teacher for available upcoming training opportunities.

Complex Area ELL Resource Teachers

HIDOE Complex Area ELL Contact List (SY 2016-17)
ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Checklist

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