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  • Contact Information

    Organization Name Email Phone External Links
    State Education Agency (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) Alexis Glick, ACCESS for ELLs Program Specialist (781) 338-3625

    Office of Student Assessment Services


    Office of English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement

    Fernanda Kray, ELL PD & Curriculum Coordinator (781) 338-3546
    Bob Measel, Assistant Director of the Office of English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement (781) 960-3885
    WIDA Consortium WIDA Client Services Center Toll Free 1-866-276-7735
    Data Recognition Corp. (DRC) DRC WIDA Customer Service

    Toll Free 1-855-787-9615

    Data Recognition Corp
    MetriTech MetriTech
    (ask for WIDA Support)
  • Assessment Materials & Training

    Administering the W-APT 

    The W-APT (WIDA - ACCESS Placement Test) is an English language proficiency "screener" test administered to incoming students who may be designated as English language learners (ELLs). It is intended to assist educators to make decisions regarding the identification, placement, and programmatic services for ELLs.

    W-APT test administrators should review the W-APT Test Administration Manual(s) and Scored Student Writing Samples in order to administer and score the W-APT reliably. To access these materials, please contact your district ELL director. New ELL directors should contact the Department at or 781-338-3625 to be assigned the role of ACCESS for ELLs District Administrator.

    Administering the ACCESS for ELLs Tests

    Schools may decide whether to administer the computer-based or paper-based ACCESS for ELLs tests, or a combination of both, and must make this decision in time to order their test materials (October 26, 2015 – November 13, 2015).

    The principal (or designee) will determine whether computer- or paper-based tests will be administered, and to which students; and which tests will be administered by each test administrator. Online training will begin in Massachusetts on or about October 1.

    See for more information about test administration and training.

    Computer-Based Test Administration Training and Certification 
    Since this will be the first year administering the computer-based ACCESS for ELLs 2.0, all computer-based test coordinators and test administrators must complete the WIDA online training (No certification quizzes will be required.)

    Paper-Based Test Administrator Training and Certification 
    Schools may elect to administer the paper-based test either to all or some students. Since this will be the first year administering the paper-based ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 tests, all paper-based test coordinators and test administrators (new and returning) must complete the WIDA online training and take a certification quiz, if applicable, for each test they will administer, including:

      • Group-administered ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 tests (Listening, Reading, and Writing (for which there is no certification quiz))
      • ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Speaking test
      • Kindergarten test
      • Alternate ACCESS for ELLs

    Test administrators must receive a score of at least 80 percent on all certification quizzes. Each training module and quiz should take between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete, and may be taken in one or multiple sessions, as needed.

    WIDA Personal Account

    Each prospective test administrator must set up a WIDA personal account in order to access the WIDA training modules on the WIDA website. To set up a WIDA personal account, see instructions at

    Additional information on ACCESS for ELLs testing in Massachusetts is available on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website at

  • ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 2015-2016 Dates

    Task Start Date End Date
    District and School Site File to DRC 9/21/2016 9/21/2016
    Test Materials Ordering 10/26/2015 11/13/2015
    Updated District and School Site File to DRC 11/6/2015 11/6/2015
    Pre-ID Files to DRC 12/4/2015 12/4/2015
    Test Setup 12/21/2015 2/10/2016
    Districts Receive Test Materials (On) 1/4/2016 1/4/2016
    Test Window 1/7/2016 2/10/2016
    Additional Test Materials Window 1/4/2016 2/3/2016
    Districts Pack Completed Test Material 1/11/2016 2/12/2016
    Districts Ship Completed Test Material to DRC 1/11/2016 2/12/2016
    All Test Material Received at DRC 2/19/2016 2/19/2016

    Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window (online system for


    3/30/2016 4/8/2016
    ESE conducts SIMS clean-up: DRC provides new file to ESE 4/12/2016 4/12/2016
    ESE provides corrected data to DRC based on SIMS clean-up 4/12/2016 4/20/2016
    DRC provides preliminary scored data and sample reports to ESE for review 5/3/2016 5/3/2016
    ESE reviews preliminary scored data and sample reports 5/3/2016 5/6/2016
    Districts Receive Reports - Printed and Online (On) 5/20/2016 5/20/2016
    Final Data Available to State 5/20/2016 5/20/2016
  • State Specific Guidance for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0

    1. Will ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 be online or paper-based in Massachusetts in 2015-2016?
    • During the test ordering window (10/26/15-11/13/15), schools will decide whether to administer the online and/or paper-based ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 assessments in January-February 2016. Schools may select one of the following options:
      • All online (computer-based),
      • All paper-based, or
      • Combination of both formats.
    • Although schools may select either online (computer-based) or paper-based ACCESS for ELLs assessments in January-February 2016, the Department encourages schools to administer the tests online, because of:
      1. increased ease of test administration;
      2. no selection of test tiers ahead of time;
      3. group test administration of multiple grades and test tiers together;
      4. small group, rather than individually-administered, Speaking tests, with centralized, rather than local, scoring (However, a minimum of 5-7 headsets will be required);
      5. Speaking test training and qualification would no longer be required.
    • Online ACCESS tests are available for ELLs in grades 1-12 (with an option for any student to take a hand-written Writing test).
    • Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs will continue as a paper-based kit.
    • Alternate ACCESS for ELLs will continue as a paper-based assessment for students with disabilities who have been so designated by their IEP teams, or who have this listed in their 504 plans.
    • For more information, see the Principal’s Pre-Administration Manual, available in early Fall 2015, at

    2. Will 4th and 5th grade ELLs on the Writing test respond by handwriting or keyboarding?

    The default for 4th and 5th grade students for Writing test responses will be keyboarding.

    3. What training will be available for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Test Administrators, Test Coordinators, and Technology Coordinators?

    • School-based Test Coordinators and Test Administrators
      • In-person training by Department staff on the mornings of October 7, 8, and 9. Locations and registration information to be announced.
      • Training modules (recorded webinars) for online and paper test administration available on WIDA website beginning in fall 2015.
    • School and District Technology Coordinators
      • Two webinars delivered by The Department and Data Recognition Corporation (DRC, the ACCESS/WIDA testing vendor), on November 4 (A.M.) and November 5 (P.M.).
      • Training modules (recorded webinars) for online administration available on WIDA website beginning in fall 2015.
  • Professional Development

    We want your input!
    Please take the Massachusetts Professional Learning Needs Assessment Survey for Educators of ELLs here.

    Institute Series about the WIDA Early English Language Development Standards Framework

    ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Test Coordinator Training PowerPoint Fall 2015

  • Miscellaneous Information

    Additional information coming soon.


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