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    Organization Name Email Phone External Links
    State Education Agency (MN Dept. of Education) Cheryl Alcaya,
    English Learner Assessment Supervisor
    (651) 582-8419   MInnesota Department of Education:
    Assessment and Testing
    Tracy Cerda,
    English Learner Assessment
    Project Manager
    (651) 582-8692
    Julie Chi, Title III & Migrant Education Program Monitor Julie.chi@state.mn.us (651) 582-8444
    Michael Bowlus, English Learner Education Specialist michael.bowlus@state.mn.us (651) 582-8254   Minnesota Department of Education:
    English Learner Education

    Leigh Schleicher,
    English Learner Education Supervisor; State Title III Director

    (651) 582-8326
    Elizabeth Watkins, EL & Special Education elizabeth.watkins@state.mn.us (651) 582-8678
    Ursula Lentz, Immersion & Dual Language Education Specialist Ursula.Lentz@state.mn.us (651) 582-8664
    Barbara Al Nouri,
    English Learner Education Specialist


    (651) 582-8379
    WIDA Consortium WIDA Client Services Center help@wida.us Toll Free 1-866-276-7735 www.wida.us
    Data Recognition Corp. (DRC) DRC WIDA Customer Service WIDA@datarecognitioncorp.com

    Toll Free 1-855-787-9615

    Data Recognition Corp
    MetriTech MetriTech wida@metritech.com
    (ask for WIDA Support)
  • Assessment Materials & Training

    ACCESS for ELLs Trainings & Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Training

    How do I gain access to view and/or download W-APT screener materials?

    Contact your District Assessment Coordinator in order to have them assign you W-APT access on your personal account if you need it.

    Is there anything else I should know about administering the W-APT?

    Please familiarize yourself with the Minnesota W-APT Guidelines document PDF icon as you train and prepare to administer the W-APT.

    Am I required to take the test administrator training quizzes to administer the ACCESS for ELLs test?

    Yes. All ACCESS for ELLs test administrators should complete the online training modules for the component they will be administering and be certified as a Test Administrator (TA) by achieving a score of at least 80% on each quiz. You must log in to access the training modules and quizzes.

    Do I need to retake the online training modules and get recertified if I passed the quizzes last year?

    For the administration of ACCESS for ELLs in grades 1-12, annual recertification by reviewing the training and successfully completing the quiz with a score of 80% or higher is required for the Speaking test component. The Minnesota Department of Education recommends recertification for the Group Administered component.

    For the administration of Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs, test administrators must be certified every year.

    Online Training Module and Quiz
    Annual Recertification
    Test Background & Group Administered Component
    Speaking Test Component
    Kindergarten Test Component
    Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Test Component

    How do I set up my account for the ACCESS for ELLs Test Administrator Training Course?

    Contact your District Assessment Coordinator who can enroll you or give you the district W-APT username and password used to access the Account Creator.

    Is there an outline of basic information I need to know specific to administering ACCESS for ELLs in Minnesota?

    Yes! Please review the Minnesota ACCESS for ELLs Planning document PDF icon.

    Where can I learn about ACCESS for ELLs ordering, materials processing, shipping, scoring, and reporting?

    Please review the 2012 MetriTech PowerPoint slides for Minnesota PDF icon and contact MetriTech customer service at 1-800-747-4868 with any additional questions or concerns.

    Which English learners may be considered for the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs?

    English learners who received special education services and meet the participation guidelines PDF icon may take the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs.

  • ACCESS for ELLs 2014 - 2015 Dates

    Task Start Date End Date
    Test Materials Ordering Window 11/3/2014 12/12/2014
    Test Window 2/2/2015 3/20/2015
    Early student-level results available in Test WES   5/26/2015
    Embargoed final student-level & summary results available in Secured Reports   6/24/2015
    Student reports arrive in district   8/3/2015
  • ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 2015 - 2016 Dates

    Information coming soon!

  • State Specific Guidance for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0

    Information coming soon!

  • Professional Development

    There are currently no professional development sessions scheduled in Minnesota.

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