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State Education Agency (MT Office of Public Instruction) Yvonne M. Field, Assessment Specialist (406) 444-0748
Jessica Eilertson, State Assessment Director (406) 444-3511
Crystal Andrews
Title I/Title III Instructional Coordinator (406) 444-3482
WIDA Consortium WIDA Client Services Center Toll Free 1-866-276-7735
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How do I gain access to view and/or download the W-APT screener materials?

You must contact your system test coordinator to request that they add access to the W-APT for your personal log in. Montana has shifted away from using the district log in for W-APT access.  System Test Coordinators can add access to the W-APT materials and training using the User Account Management Tool.

How do I set up my account for the ACCESS for ELLs Test Administrator Training Course?

Once your district test coordinator has logged into their account, they can register you for your own account. Afterwards, you should receive an enrollment email with your username and password. If you don't see this message, please check your spam and bulk mail folders.

Contact your district test coordinator for help setting up your account.

Am I required to take the test administrator training quizzes to become approved to administer the ACCESS test?

Yes.  You must take all applicable training modules and receive a passing score of 80% on all quizzes for those modules. 

Do I need to show proof of my passing quiz grades (80%)?

Yes, when you have completed the quiz you can use the My Training Certificate tile on the My Account & Secure Portal page to access your certificate, please print the certificate and give a copy to your System Test Coordinator.

Do I need to retake the training quizzes if I passed them in a previous year?

No. Certification is not required every year. Only when assessments change. However, OPI recommends that test administrators review the test administration manual and for assessments where the TA will be scoring any components of the assessment, the TA should review the portion of the training relevant to scoring.

Testing Specifics Start Date End Date
Test Materials Ordering via Pre-ID (SEA) 10/27/17 10/27/17
SEA Loads Pre-ID File into AMS 10/27/17 10/27/17
WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test Sessions 11/3/17 1/31/18
Districts Receive Test Materials (On) 11/28/17 11/28/17
Test Window 12/6/18 1/31/18
Additional Test Material Ordering Window in AMS 11/28/17 1/24/18
Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRC 2/7/18 2/7/18
Pre-Reporting Data Validation – Data File to SEA 2/26/18 2/26/18
Pre-Reporting Data Validation – DRC Receives Data File From SEA 3/2/18 3/2/18
Districts Receive Reports – Printed and Online (On) 4/23/18 4/23/18
Data Available to State 4/23/18 4/23/18

1. Will Montana be administering online or paper ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 in 2015-2016?

Montana will be administering the online ACCESS for ELLs in 2015-2016. We will continue to use the Kindergarten and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs which are paper based.

2. Will 4th and 5th grade ELLs on the Writing test respond by handwriting or keyboarding?

Montana’s default for grades 4-5 Writing test is keyboarding. However, districts have the option of changing to handwriting if they feel this best meets their student’s needs.

3. What type of training is available for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 for the three roles of those participating in delivery – Test Administrators, Test Coordinators, Tech Coordinators

The ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Trainings are available on the WIDA website  System test coordinators will create accounts for each test administrator to access the ACCESS for ELLs trainings. In addition to the online training, OPI will be offering a series of live webinars on timely topics as the year progresses as well.  Please see the JUMP newsletter and the training section of the ELP page on the OPI website: for a detailed calendar with webinar access links.  Please contact Yvonne Field, 406-444 0748, with questions. 

ACCESS for ELLs System Test Coordinator Webinars:

Date/Time Topics and Audience Links will open at 2:00 pm

District and School Administrators
Title III Directors
System Test Coordinators
ESL/Bilingual Teachers

  • Click on the appropriate link.
  • Complete the survey/submit (You will be automatically routed to the webinar.)

Nov. 6-7, 2017

Scaffolding Learning Through Language Workshop
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State ID and Placement ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Checklist State Specific Directions


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