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Tennessee Department of Education

Lori Morris,

Special Populations Assessment Design



Tennessee Department of Education

Jan Lanier,
Director of English Learner, Immigrant, and Migrant Programs

Jan.Lanier@tn.gov 615-532-6314

Joann Runion,
Instructional Programming

Special Populations Student Support and Services



Joann.Runion@tn.gov 615-253-4249
WIDA Consortium WIDA Client Services Center help@wida.us Toll Free 1-866-276-7735 www.wida.us
Data Recognition Corp. (DRC) DRC WIDA Customer Service WIDA@datarecognitioncorp.com

Toll Free 1-855-787-9615

Data Recognition Corp
Testing Specifics Start Date End Date
Test Materials Ordering Available in AMS (LEAs) 12/18/17 12/18/17
SEA Loads Pre-ID File into AMS 12/18/17 12/18/17
WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test Sessions 1/10/18 4/9/18
Districts Receive Test Materials (On) 2/6/18 2/6/18
Test Window 2/20/18 4/6/18
Additional Test Material Ordering Window in AMS 2/6/18 4/4/18
Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRC 4/10/18 4/10/18
Pre-Reporting Data Validation – LEAs in AMS 4/26/18 5/2/18
Districts Receive Reports – Printed and Online (On) 5/29/18 5/29/18
Data Available to State 5/29/18 5/29/18

For Professional Development opportunities, check with your district EL Coordinator.

State ID and Placement ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Checklist State Specific Directions


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