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State Education Agency (VT Agency of Education)

Jim McCobb
State Title III Director

Fax 802-429-1822

Vermont Agency of Education; N. New England TESOL

Linda Moreno
Assessment Coordinator for Special Populations 802-479-1309
WIDA Consortium WIDA Client Services Center Toll Free 1-866-276-7735
Data Recognition Corp. (DRC) DRC WIDA Customer Service

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Data Recognition Corp

What is a DTC? Who is my DTC?

DTC is short for District Test Coordinator. In Vermont, DTCs oversee test preparation, materials management, test administration, and materials return. If you do not know who your DTC is, please contact James McCobb for help setting up your account.

How do I gain access to and/or download the Screener Test Materials and Training?

Access to the Kindergarten W-APT Screener and the WIDA Screener Test Materials and Training is tied to a WIDA user account. If you don't have a WIDA user account or don't have access to the materials, please contact your DTC.

How do I gain access to 2018 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 training materials?

Access to the training materials is also tied to a WIDA account. If you don't have a WIDA account or don't have access to the ACCESS for ELLs training materials, please contact your DTC.

How do I gain access to ACCESS for ELLs test administration materials?

Access to the test administration materials is through the WIDA AMS System. If you do not have a WIDA AMS account, please contact your DTC.

What am I required to do to be able to administer the ACCESS for ELLs assessment?

Log into the WIDA Website, click the link that says "My Account & Secure Portal", click the assessment you intend to administer, and view the training modules in the top green bar. Read the required manual sections as directed, and pass the final quiz with a score of 80% or better.

Do I need to retake trainings or quizzes if I passed them in a previous year?

Yes. The trainings for all assessments have been updated, and should be completed prior to administration.

Testing Specifics Start Date End Date
DRC provides 2016-17 site data to SEA 8/11/17 8/11/17
SEA provides 2017-18 site changes to DRC 8/14/17 10/3/17
Test materials ordering available in AMS (LEAs) 11/1/17 11/21/17
Load pre-ID file into AMS (LEAs) 11/1/17 11/21/17
WIDA AMS test setup available for test sessions 12/18/17 3/9/18
Districts receive test materials (On) 1/2/18 1/2/18
Test window 1/16/18 3/9/18
Additional test material ordering window in AMS 1/2/18 3/2/18
Deadling for shipping completed test materials to DRC 3/16/18 3/16/18
Pre-reporting data validtation – Data files to SEA 4/3/18 4/3/18
Pre-reporting data validation – Data files from SEA 4/11/18 4/11/18
Districts receive reports – Printed and Online (On) 5/9/18 5/9/18
Post-reporting data validation window – Data files to SEA 5/9/18 5/9/18
Post-reporting data validation window – Data files from SEA 5/23/18 5/23/18
Data available to State 6/11/18 6/11/18
  1. Will Vermont be administering online or paper ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 in 2017-2018?

    All students in grades 1-12 take the assessment online with the following exceptions:

    • The writing domain for grades 1?3, where both the prompts and student responses will continue to be paper-based.
    • The writing domain for grade 4?5 where the prompt will be online and the student response will be paper-based.
    • Paper accommodations for the grades 1?12 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 will be available as required by a student's IEP or 504 plan.
    • The Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs and the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs will continue to be paper-based administrations.
  2. If we're testing online, will there be any paper materials at all?

    Kindergarten and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs have not changed, and are still paper-based. They will be ordered and shipped with the rest of the Online ACCESS for ELLs materials.

    Grades 1-3 will still take the Writing domain in a paper booklet, as many students in these grades aren't fluent with a keyboard. Writing booklets will be sent automatically when you order Online tests for them. This year there will be increased quantities of high demand materials in the initial shipment in order to reduce additional ordering.

    Students in Grades 4-12 will take all domains of the ACCESS 2.0 online unless they fall into one of the categories for which there is currently no online test option?i.e., students who need the Alternate ACCESS, braille, large print, or IEP/504 accommodation(s).

    However, we recognize that some newcomers in grades 4-12 may not have been exposed to technology, so paper Writing booklets can be ordered for students who meet these criteria. If a student in these grades needs to handwrite the Writing domain, s/he will read the prompts on the screen and write in the booklet. DRC will ship a small number of paper writing booklets for grades 4-12. Please plan ahead for students who will need this option.

    In addition, if you find (or know) you need additional Writing booklets, you'll be able to order them in the Additional Materials window with 3 day shipping.

  3. What type of training is available for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 for the three roles of those participating in delivery – Test Administrators, Test Coordinators, Technology Coordinators?

    WIDA Training Resources are available on the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Preparation and Training page. See the Assessment Materials & Training section for more detailed information.

  4. How do districts submit incomplete domain for ACCESS for ELL 2.0?

    In order to begin the Speaking and Writing domains in ACCESS, a student must first complete the Listening and Reading domains. However, there may be an instance in which a student is unable to complete the Listening or Reading domain. Districts can submit an incomplete domain in WIDA AMS. Instructions for how to use the Submit Incomplete Domain feature in WIDA AMS can be found in the WIDA_AMS_Supplement_Submit Incomplete Domain document.

    WIDA AMS Supplemental Submit Incomplete Domain

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ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Checklist State Specific Directions


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