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Across the United States, educators are changing the way they teach STEM courses. Across STEM courses, students attempt explanations, justify their positions, question and challenge one another's ideas, and build new understanding together. This focus on students' meaning-making represents an important shift. Rather than focusing on memorizing formulas and procedures in math, or taxonomies and definitions in science, we focus today on strengthening students' reasoning, their skills in collaborating, and their ability to communicate their complex thinking effectively.

For English Learners, this meaning-making is coupled with an emerging ability to make meaning in English. The interplay between meaning-making in science and mathematics and meaning-making in English strengthens students' skill in both areas.

The Doing and Talking Math and Science website provides open access to resources developed with NSF funding, with additional support from WIDA, to help educators equitably engage all learners in the complex and collaborative reasoning of STEM courses while also strengthening the language to express their complex thinking.

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