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Welcome to WIDA's Lesson Plan Share Space! This is a space created for you and by you! Here you and other educators who work with ELLs can upload and share the lesson plans you have created that incorporate both content and ELD standards, as well as check out lessons that others have created.

We are looking for lessons that...

  • address English Language Development and content area standards
  • include language targets or objectives
  • differentiate instruction according to students' English language proficiency levels
  • offer support for ELLs to access content learning and engage in cognitive challenges

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To share: Please download both the Lesson Plan Template and the Guide to Using the Template from the links below.

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Once you have filled in the template for your lesson plan, complete the “Upload a Lesson Plan” form in the gray column at the right of this page using the information you listed in the first section of the template. You can upload a lesson plan in a different format as long as it clearly states the language and content standards along with the language targets/objectives of the lesson.

To search: Below, you can search for lessons using the desired criteria and see the amazing things educators all across the country are doing for ELL students!

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