Q&A Webinars

Length: 1 Hour | PLUs: 1

Q&A webinars may be scheduled to follow-up most workshops. Please contact pdinfo@wida.us for more information.

Live Webinars

(May be pre-recorded upon request).

1 PLU | 30 minutes – 2 hours | 500 participants

  • Introduction to the ELD Framework
  • Academic Language of Math
  • WIDA Screener Overview
  • Score Reports Overview
  • Customized (price determined by project)*

Hosting Requirements

  • Ensure technical capacity of participating sites
  • Communicate logistics with participants
  • Ensure a minimum of 10 participants

When workshops or webinars deviate from the standard objectives & agendas these will be considered customized. WIDA can customize learning experiences for participants at the request of a site host. All customized requests must be within the scope of WIDA work and will be planned with the input of the site host. Cost will be determined based on the scope of the request. All requests are dependent upon facilitator availability and approval by WIDA.


For more information, please contact pdinfo@wida.us.

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