Workshops are short-term professional development offerings that focus on the use of WIDA's products and resources. Designed in collaboration with the host (school, district, regional, or state education agency), they meet the needs of a wide range of audiences.

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On-Site Workshops

Pricing for State Educational Agencies purchasing with Professional Learning Units (PLUs)*:

  • 1-day workshop          2 PLUs
  • 2-day workshop          3 PLUs
  • 3-day workshop          4 PLUs

To have a workshop repeated the next day in a different location, it needs to be within a two hour drive for the facilitator. The charge will be 1 PLU. If the second location is longer than a two hour drive, there will be an allocated travel day for the facilitator. All workshops in pilot phase are 4 PLUs.

*Professional Learning Units (PLUs) are awarded to State Education Agencies that are members of the WIDA consortium.

Pricing for Workshops:

$5,000 for the first day and $3,000 for additional consecutive days
Price includes facilitator time, travel expenses, lodging, and meals

Price guidelines for workshops delivered in the US. For international locations, please contact

Hosting Requirements

  • Secure meeting space, including A/V equipment
  • Provide handouts
  • Communicate logistics with participants
  • Ensure a minimum of 10 participants

Cost-effective professional development is also provided by WIDA Certified Trainers. Contact a trainer in your area for more information.


Pricing:  For State Educational Agencies purchasing with Professional Learning Units*: 1 PLU

Pricing: For all other entities: $3000 for a 30 minute to 2-hour web training (live or pre-recorded)

Hosting Requirements

  • Ensure technical capacity of participating sites
  • Communicate logistics with participants
  • Ensure a minimum of 10 participants

Customized Professional Learning

When workshops or webinars deviate from the standard objectives & agendas these will be considered customized.  WIDA can customize learning experiences for participants at the request of a site host.  All customized requests must be within the scope of WIDA work and will be planned with the input of the site host. Cost will be determined based on the scope of the request.

(All requests are dependent upon facilitator availability and approval by WIDA)

For more information, please contact: