Paper-Based WIDA Screener

2 PLUs | 1 Day | 40 Participants Maximum*

Delivery Format: Face-to-face

Audience: Test Administrators, District Test Coordinators

This workshop is designed for test administrators of the paper-based WIDA Screener in grades 1 through 12. During this workshop, participants will work collaboratively to strengthen their understanding of the how to administer the assessment.  This includes test administration beginning with the entry task, and then continuing to Path A or Path B.  Particular attention will be given to the administration and scoring of speaking and writing sections of the assessment using practice items, scoring scales, and the scoring calculator.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and background of the WIDA Screener
  • Identify the connection between the ELD Framework and Screener
  • Explore the logistics for preparing to administer
  • Examine and practice the administration procedures
    • Entry Task
    • Administering and scoring the speaking section
    • Administering and scoring the writing section
    • Administering and scoring the listening and reading section
  • Discover the available accommodations on Screener
  • Locate and practice using the Score Calculator

*We have found this number to be the most effective for facilitator-participant interaction. If you are considering additional participants, this must be discussed and approved with WIDA in advance as it may change the number of facilitators required for the event.

**Additional scoring practice and calibration is highly recommended for successful administration

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