Scaffolding Learning Through Language

NEW! Available 10/1/2017

4 PLUs | 2 Days | 40 Participant Maximum*

Delivery Format: Face-to-Face (Extension available!)

Workshop learning experiences will be interactive, scaffolded, and focused on expanding instructional practices that foster high challenge and high support learning opportunities for students. Participants will explore how rigorous, well-sequenced curriculum contributes to rich classroom interactions that mediate learning and move students toward independent success.

The 2-day workshop will address topics such as:

  • Macro–scaffolding practices focused on instructional planning
  • Micro–scaffolding strategies focused on contingent teaching
  • Collaborative reasoning and student discourse moves
  • Moving students toward complex texts and independence as learners

Workshop Participation:

Learning will be focused on classroom–level instructional practices and all educators are welcome to attend. No previous experience with the WIDA Standards Framework is required. Seasoned WIDA practitioners will find this workshop to be an invigorating, novel offering.

Through participating in this workshop, participants will experience support for developing the following scaffolding practices:

  • Designing equitable learning opportunities that build on students' identities as developing disciplinary experts
  • Mediating learning that:
    • Draws on students' assets and experiences as resources for learning
    • Expands language resources as students engage in joint knowledge construction

At the close of the workshop, participants will plan next steps that expand their students' resources for learning and meld into their current instructional contexts.

*We have found this audience size to be the most effective for facilitator-participant interaction. If you are considering additional participants, this must be discussed and approved with WIDA in advance as it may change the number of facilitators required for the event.

Interested in bringing this workshop to your school or district?

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