Engaging in Action Research Toward Equity for Multilingual Learners


4 PLUs | 45 Participants Maximum

This offering is available in two different formats:

  1. Two, one-day workshops with at least one month in between, or;
  2. One, one-day workshop with two follow-up webinars with at least 4-6 weeks in between.

Equity for Multilingual Learners (MLs)* requires teachers to create culturally and linguistically responsive learning environments and facilitate rigorous learning that is appropriately supported. 

Learning Outcomes

In (and as a result of) this two-part workshop, participants will: 

  • Identify equitable teaching and learning practices 
  • Collaborate to create, evaluate, and revise an action plan 
  • Describe how they engage(d) in action research to promote equity**

Learning Tasks

In the initial face-to-face workshop, participants will:

  • Build common understanding of equity and equitable practices 
  • Identify an area of need that can be addressed by one of three CREDE*** standards 
  • Identify a change in practice to promote equity to a greater extent
  • Understand action research as a process
  • Create an action plan and tools to collect information on the implementation of their plans, including a personal reflection, peer observation form, and a student survey

 Between sessions, participants will:

  • Implement action plan
  • Collect evidence on the implementation of their plans 

During subsequent session(s), participants will:

  • Analyze evidence gathered between sessions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of change(s) in practice
  • Revise implementation OR  Identify a new change
  • Create a new action plan and tools to collect evidence of implementation and impact of their plans

 *“Multilingual Learners” was selected to intentionally embrace the assets students are bringing to the educational setting with their varied languages. 

**The action-research process used in this workshop is applicable to participants attending as individuals, or as pairs working in a collaborative context.

*** Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence

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