Data Systems

The WIDA State Dashboard

The WIDA State Dashboard is the latest component within the framework of the WIDA Data Warehouse. It is used by WIDA researchers, staff members, and WIDA Consortium member state educational agencies to view aggregated analytical information. It presents the following pieces of information for every test cycle:

Dashboard areas include ACCESS Enrollment, ACCESS Domain & Composite Performance, ACCESS Domain & Composite Growth, Demographic Information, NAEP Scores

Click here to access the old version of the Data Dashboard.

The WIDA Data Warehouse

The WIDA ACCESS for ELLs Data Warehouse serves as the primary data source for all the research and technical assistance projects at WIDA. For these purposes, it seeks to provide:

  • Data consistency
  • Clean and validated data
  • Seamless and secure data delivery

Its main features include:

  1. On-demand delivery of data
  2. Four distinct and connected datasets
    • ACCESS for ELLs test administration data
    • NCES Common Core Data (CCD)
    • NCES School and Staffing Survey data (SASS)
    • NCES National Assessment of Educational Progress data (NAEP)
  3. A business intelligence and reporting system
  4. Scalable data hosted on a Microsoft SQL Server®
  5. Delivery system formatted to present data across multiple platforms

WIDA Data Warehouse Process

Data warehouse process figure

Data Modeling: Organizational requirements and source data are analyzed to develop a logical and physical model for the data warehouse.

Data Acquisition: Processes and protocols are developed to acquire source data.

Data Cleaning and Validation: Software artifacts are designed and developed to validate the source data and prepare it for loading into the warehouse.

Data Matching: Test takers are matched across test administration cycles.

Data Delivery / Presentation: A data analytics and BI reporting framework are developed to present the data over the web.

Data Systems Presentations

February 2011

ELLs, NCLB, and AMAOs: The WIDA Consortium's approach to interpreting federal policy and providing guidance PPT

The WIDA Consortium Research team presented at the NCES Winter Forum and Management Information Systems (MIS) Conference. This presentation addressed how WIDA technical assistance and database management processes support the consortium member states in setting their Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs).

September 2010

Delivering ACCESS for ELLs Data for WIDA Research: Methodology and Artifacts PPT

The WIDA Consortium Research team gave this presentation at the NCES-STATS Summer Conference of 2010 . This presentation focused on how the WIDA Consortium designed an English language proficiency assessment called ACCESS for ELLs, and a subsequent high-performance, scalable data warehouse architecture for managing ACCESS for ELLs information. This longitudinal schematic design uniquely tracks students in this system across successive years. This database is also connected to other national research datasets (e.g., NCES's Common Core). This presentation describes the development of this data warehouse framework and highlights its usage for WIDA research, including lessons learned and future directions.