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  • Family Webinars Show
    • Part I: My child is an English language
      learner. What does that mean? Site
    • 1ra Parte: Mi hijo es un aprendiz de inglés.
      ¿Qué significa esto? Site
    • Part II: My child is an English language
      learner. How is my child's language
      development supported at school? Site
    • 2da Parte: Mi hijo es un aprendiz de inglés.
      ¿Cómo apoya la escuela el desarrollo del
      lenguaje de mi hijo? Site
    • Part III: My child is an English language
      learner. How do I know if my child is making
      progress? Site
    • 3ra Parte: Mi hijo es un aprendiz del inglés.
      ¿Cómo puedo saber si mi hijo está progresando? Site
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WIDA Instructional Framework for the English Language Development Standards

In 2019, WIDA will introduce a standards-based instructional framework. Throughout 2018-2021, educators across the consortium will be invited to engage in a three-year implementation process.

Learn more via this Announcement Flyer

Announcing the Instructional Framework

WIDA's 2012 Amplification of the ELD Standards

WIDA ELD StandardsThe 2012 Amplification of the English Language Development Standards was developed with input from leaders in the field and educators in WIDA Consortium member states. This process was also informed by the latest developments in both English language development research and states' content standards for college and career readiness.

The 2012 Amplification of the ELD Standards, Kindergarten–Grade 12 is available for free download or for purchase as a spiral-bound booklet. Order Now

Here are some suggestions for how you might organize your review of the standards publication:

  1. Review our 2012 Amplification Overview Tutorial. Please make sure your computer's sound is turned on so you can hear the narration.

  2. Look at the Defining Features of Academic Language, the Performance Definitions for Listening & Reading, and the Performance Definitions for Speaking & Writing and think about how they apply at your grade level.

  3. Download and review the amplification of the WIDA ELD Standards for Kindergarten-Grade 12.

  4. Watch a recorded webinar. This webinar explores applied use of the ELD Standards framework for writing language objectives for a sample lesson.

  5. Consider how you might incorporate the 2012 Edition into your practice and make plans to share it with your colleagues in a meaningful way.

The WIDA Standards Framework and its Theoretical Foundations

WIDA draws on multiple theories and approaches in an effort to describe language use in academic contexts; this is the language that language learners must acquire and negotiate to participate successfully in school. These multiple theories and approaches form a theoretical foundation that supports the WIDA standards framework.

The standards framework consists of five components. Some of these components are expressions of a 
particular philosophy, while others are explicit representations of knowledge. The five components are:

Essential Actions HandbookEssential Actions Handbook

The overall purpose of this handbook is to promote collaboration, mutual understanding, and use of language development standards among all educators who work with ELLs. The Essential Actions, derived from current theory and research, provide a rationale for each component and element of WIDA's standards framework. They may be used in conjunction with WIDA's 2007 or 2012 Standards books or independently, once teachers have familiarity with the components and elements. Order Now

WIDA's ELP Standards, 2007 Edition

ELP StandardsWIDA's standards outline the progression of English language development and exemplify how to teach academic language within the context of content area instruction.

The WIDA Consortium's English Language Proficiency Standards encompass:

  • Social and Instructional language
  • the language of Language Arts
  • the language of Mathematics
  • the language of Science
  • the language of Social Studies

The WIDA ELP Standards and Resource Guide, 2007 Edition, PreKindergarten–Grade 12 is available for free download or for purchase as a spiral-bound booklet. Order Now

Resource Guide

Understanding the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards: A Resource Guide is an introduction to using the Standards. The final sections of the Resource Guide contain several tools WIDA has developed for use with our assessments and in the classroom, some of which are also available as separate downloads. They are:

  • The Performance Definitions for WIDA's levels of language proficiency
  • The Speaking and Writing Rubrics for classroom assessment
  • The PreK-Grade 12 CAN DO Descriptors*

*The CAN DO Descriptors are also available by grade level cluster.

Search the Standards

Try our web-based tool for locating strands of model performance indicators related to particular standards, domains, or example topics.

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Virginia Department of Education ELP Standards Videos

The Virginia Department of Education has generously offered to share a series of videos created by teachers, for teachers, to promote understanding of the WIDA ELP Standards and offer example lesson plans based on certain language functions.

You may view the videos and download lesson materials from the Virginia Department of Education website.

WIDA encourages and appreciates the willingness of our member states to share any such local efforts in order to maximize the number of educators benefiting from your work. If your state or district has unique or outstanding projects underway that can be shared with the consortium, please contact Andrea Cammilleri.at acammilleri@wisc.edu.

Webinars for Families of ELLs

Families are critical stakeholders within the comprehensive system of WIDA standards and assessments. Families of language learners have the right to know and understand how their child is progressing in his or her English language development.

By providing families with information about key topics including what it means to be an ELL, the WIDA standards and assessments, and how to interpret student language proficiency scores, parents will be better equipped to engage in meaningful discussions with educators about students' language instruction and progress. While parents are the primary audience for the webinars, educators can also benefit, as this resource raises awareness about the types of questions parents of ELLs may have and offers opportunities to examine local practices in order to enhance communication with families of ELLs.

Part I: My child is an English language learner. What does that mean?

Part I provides information about what it means to be an English language learner, how students are identified as English language learners, and how students exit an English language support program. English Webinar | Spanish Webinar

Part II: My child is an English language learner. How is my child's language development supported at school?

Part II provides information about the different ways students use the English language at school, along with information about the WIDA English Language Development Standards and how these standards can be used to support students' English language development. English Webinar | Spanish Webinar

Part III: My child is an English language learner. How do I know if my child is making progress?

Part III provides information about how educators share information with parents about students' English language development, specifically what scores from the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 assessment mean, and how these scores can be used. English webinar | Spanish webinar