Spanish Language Arts (SLA) Standards

SLA Standards

Research into best practice for ELLs supports the notion that students benefit when they have foundational literacy skills in their first language and when schools incorporate their primary language and culture into the classroom. Read a WIDA blog about early childhood bilingualism blogger icon

The WIDA SLA Standards are intended to support curriculum planning and instruction in schools that offer Spanish language arts.

Connections to State Standards

child writingThe WIDA Spanish Language Arts Standards were modeled after English language arts standards from the WIDA Consortium member states of Illinois and Wisconsin. Thus, there is a high degree of alignment between the English and Spanish Language Arts Standards in these two states. Cross references between Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Rhode Island were also conducted.

2012 Update on Spanish Language Standards

WIDA will soon release Spanish Language Development Standards addressing Social & Instructional language, the language of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Learn more